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Guide to Article Search: Finnish articles

How to find Finnish articles

With Turku UAS Finna you can map Finnish articles related to your topic before choosing databases to search.

1) Go to Turku UAS Finna. When using Finna outside the Turku UAS network, please remember to sign in with your Turku UAS user ID. When signed in you can access all the electronic resources acquired for Turku UAS students and staff.

2) Choose Search functions > Search Finnish articles:


3) Enter the search terms and refine your search with relevant option(s).

4) You can narrow the search result for example by content type or topic.

Some search references include a link to a full text article, so you might be able to read it immediately.

Please note that the Search Finnish articles option in Turku UAS  Finna includes the Arto database and service only. Other e-resources can be found and used only via database interfaces.

You find Finnish full text articles for example in or Medic databases. In Arto database you mostly find references to articles, but also links to full text articles. In case you cannot find an article you need in full text, see page Checking article availability for more information.

All the databases acquired for Turku UAS students and staff can be found in Finna > Browse databases. You can also search databases in Turku UAS Finna:

1) Go to Turku UAS Finna and type the name of the database you are searching in the search field, for example Arto.

2) Click the link Database interface. Sign in with your Turku UAS user ID if necessary.

3) Use the database search and exploit the choices of refining the search result.

Finnish article databases in Turku UAS Finna

Print journals at Turku UAS campus libraries

Print newspapers, journals and professional periodicals are availabe in all Turku UAS campus libraries. It's a good idea to browse through them as all articles might not be included in the databases. You find information on print journals at Turku UAS library in Turku UAS Finna search service. You can search by journal's name or browse the collections by choosing Journals and e-journals.

You can limit the search to journals, serials or newspapers, or you can choose which campus library's journals you wish to see.

You can also borrow print journals (excluding newspapers), read more about borrowing. Note that the most current issues are only for overnight loan.

About this guide

In this guide you can find information about how to search and use Finnish and international articles acquired by Turku UAS library.

Search Finnish articles in Turku UAS Finna

User rights of e-resources

Turku UAS students and staff have the right to use electronic resources acquired by Turku UAS in studying, teaching and research. Students and staff have the responsibility to follow the user rights. User rights define the terms and conditions for printing, saving, presenting and distributing the e-resources. User rights for an individual resource can be found under the § button.

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