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Guide to Article Search: Checking article availability

Availability in Turku UAS library collections

See if you can find a link to the full text article in the database or in Finna. If you find only reference information about the article and not the full text, there are two ways of checking the article's availability in Turku UAS library collections:

1. Use the Find It link or the SFX service (not available in all databases). Click the Find It icon  or the SFX icon. Depending on the database it can be , or .

The link opens in a new window. You can check if the article is available in another database acquired by Turku UAS.

With the SFX service you can also see if the journal is available in print at Turku UAS library or another Finnish library. All journals, especially Finnish ones, are not published electronically, so it's a good idea to check the availability in print, too.

2. You can also do a basic search with the publication's (e.g. journal's) name in Turku UAS Finna to see if it is available electronically or in print. When searching for a journal, remember to check that the availability covers the volume and issue you want. Availability may vary between databases.


Availability elsewhere

If the article isn't available in Turku UAS library collections:

  • See if the article is freely available online using Google Scholar. Search by for example the article's title. Read more about Google Scholar at Guide to Information Seeking > Information resources > Google Scholar search.
  • Make use of other libraries in Turku area. Turku University Library, Åbo Akademi University Library and Turku City Library are at your service in Turku. These libraries are open to everyone and anyone can become a patron. Almost all e-resources are available on-site at the libraries.
  • Find materials from several Finnish university libraries, public libraries, museum collections and archives via the national search service. Use Turku UAS Library interlibrary services to request material from outside the Turku area.

About this guide

In this guide you can find information about how to search and use Finnish and international articles acquired by Turku UAS library.

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