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Guide to Open Access: Collecting publication information

Submit the information on your publication

When you publish, submit the information on your publication for reporting of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MINEDU). Your publication may be an article, a blog post, a book, an artistic activity or an activity pertaining to industrial art, an audio-visual publication, a IT programme or software in information or communications technology.

Submit the publication information either with the e-form or by emailing

Submit the following information on your publications:

  • author(s) of the publication
  • publication title
  • title of the book or journal, when the publication is an article
  • the Turku UAS research group, when the publication is connected wtih a research group.
  • ORCID-iDs of the author(s) in case you have ones.

Attach the final version of your publication in pdf format for self-archiving. The Turku UAS library verifies and checks publication’s self-archiving policies. Read more on self-archiving.

The information of your publication is checked by the library experts:

N.B. For Turku UAS publication series or in Talk magazine, information on publications and the self-archived versions are sent to library automatically, so you do not need to submit them.

We advice you to submit information on your publication as soon as it comes out. You can add more detailed information later when needed. 

Why submitting your publication information is important?

The number of publications is a result indicator at universities of applied sciences, with the emphasis of 2 per cent in the funding model. Turku UAS reports the details and number of publications to the Ministry of Education and Culture (MINEDU) on a yearly basis.

Information on all Finnish publications is searchable in the Statistical data on publications is accessible in Education Statistics Finland portal Vipunen.

The number of publications is also monitored internally in Turku UAS: faculty-specific numbers are published monthrly in Ruori. 

Which publications are eligible for MINEDU publication points?

A minimum of criteria listed below must be met by a publication to be reported to Ministry of Education and Culture (MINEDU):

  • your publication is publicly available to anyone, free of charge or subject to a charge, such as subscription fee.
  • your publication has not been reported previously in the collection of publication information to MINEDU.
  • The publication channel has an editorial board or a publisher, making decisions on publications published on the channel independent of the author.
  • You as an author are employed by Turku UAS when you create the publication.
  • The publication must be related to the creator’s work at Turku UAS.

The more detailed criteria are listed in the Instructions on publication data collection by MINEDU, see the current handbook in Tiedonkeruun käsikirjat (in Finnish).

Submit information on all your publications – the Turku UAS library will check whether they are MINEDU eligible. The affiliation information needs to be included in the publication, read more below in What affiliation?

What affiliation?

In scientific publications, an affiliation is mentioned with the author’s name. Affiliation refers to the author’s home organization, higher education institution or research institution, as a member of which the publication has been created.

It is important that the article you publish contains your name and affiliation Turku University of Applied Sciences or Turun ammattikorkeakoulu:

  • the affliation ensures the publication points to Turku UAS in the collection of publication information
  • Self-archiving is easier when the publication already contains the information that it has been made as a part of work duties at Turku UAS.

N.B. Affiliation can contain more than one organization. For example, if your employer is Turku UAS and you participate in a project coordinated by another organization, both organizations can be listed as affiliations with your name in a publication.

Finnish research portal

You find up-to-date information on publications by Turku UAS staff  in service contains the information on text-based publications reported by Turku UAS to the Ministry of Education and Culture as of 2012 and the information on artistic work as of 2018. So far, it does not contain information on audio-visual material or ICT programs. However, the information on such publications is collected, and in case they meet the criteria by the Ministry of Education and Culture, are eligible for publication points. service contains publication information reported by all Finnish higher education institutions to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

See the privacy notice (pdf) (in Finnish) of the Turku UAS publication registry.

Publication info reports

Qualitative publication reports by quarter

 Library produces quarterly qualitative reports on publication information in Julkaisuraportit Teams for the Turku UAS staff to check information by faculties and research groups. Publication reports are produced after each end of the quarter in Excel format, and they contain publications submitted by authors and verifies and deposited by the Library staff.

Please submit the missing publications by e-form or by email, and corrections to publications by email Corrections and deposited missing publications will be on the next quarter´s lists. Check the publications on the service.

About the guide

This guide contains Turku UAS’ instructions on open access. In the guide, for instance, the following themes will be covered:

  • What do we mean by open access?
  • How to publish open access?
  • What are the recommendations of Turku UAS on open access publishing?
  • How do I submit my publication for the reporting of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MINEDU) and self-archive it?
  • How can the visibility and findability of research and publications be promoted?

Submit the information on your publication

Contact us and ask about collecting data on publications

You can contact our experts on collecting data on publications via email at

Contact the experts on open access publishing by email at

We will be glad to help!

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