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Guide to E-books: How to find e-books

Find e-books in Turku UAS Finna

You find all the available e-books in Turku UAS Finna. You have two different options for searching e-books:

  • Type e.g. the title or author(s) name in the search box and narrow the search results by Content type > Book material > eBook. You find a link to the e-book in the search results.

  • You can also choose an e-book collection and search or browse e-books in the ebook collection’s interface. You find e-book collections in Turku UAS Finna > Browse databases (see the instructions below) or in this guide.

Usage rights of the guide

Creative Commons -lisenssi   This resource has been licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Doesn't apply to photos or videos unless otherwise stated.

User rights of e-resources

Turku UAS students and staff have a right to use electronic resources acquired by Turku UAS in studying, teaching, and research. Students and staff have a responsibility to follow the user rights. User rights define the terms and conditions for printing, saving, presenting, and distributing e-resources. User rights for an individual resource can be found under the § button.

Accessibility of e-resources

The guide to accessibility of e-resources provides information on e-accessibility features, e.g. listening to e-books and e-articles.

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