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E-books in Turku UAS library

The library acquires books both in printed and electronic format for Turku UAS students and staff. More than half of the new books acquired are e-books!

There are several different e-book collections that you can use. Please notice that the interfaces, user rights and ways of using the electronic resources may vary. In this guide you find instructions and information about different e-book collections.

E-books are available via Turku UAS Finna free of charge. Therefore, do not use Google to find e-books.

The guide to accessibility of e-resources provides information on e-accessibility features, e.g. listening to e-books and e-articles.


Textbooks are usually acquired in electronic format. However, the availability of e-textbooks is limited.

E-book collections at Turku UAS

More information about the e-book collections acquired by Turku UAS library can be found on the next page of this guide.

User rights of e-resources

Turku UAS students and staff have a right to use electronic resources acquired by Turku UAS in studying, teaching, and research. Students and staff have a responsibility to follow the user rights. User rights define the terms and conditions for printing, saving, presenting, and distributing e-resources. User rights for an individual resource can be found under the § button.

Usage rights of the guide

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