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E-resources Help: Visible Body

How to use Visible Body

Click the Launch... button to access Visible Body.

Browser requirements: Firefox, Chrome, Safari (10 or later). Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported. The app is currently available only for iOS devices.
Other system requirements:

Mobile use

Mobile apps are available.

1. First, log into Turku UAS Finna and open the database interface.

2. Click on the Mobile Apps icon. 

3. Next step (Mobile access to your Visible Body site license): scroll down the page to select whether you are downloading the app on campus or off-campus, e.g. at home.

4. Enter your school email address and click Submit. You will receive a verification code into your email. 
5. Enter the verification code and click Submit.
6. On the next screen you will see your username and password (covered in the image below). You will also get them in your email. Click on the app store icon.

7. Click Install. 
8. Enter your username and password and click OK. Installation is complete. 

Note! If you activate the app on the Turku UAS network, you must open the app within every 150 days at Turku UAS network to avoid the app from working.

Visible body mobile license help.

Visible Body - Human Anatomy Atlas

Visible Body - Muscle Premium

Accessibility of e-resources

The guide to accessibility of e-resources provides information on e-accessibility features, e.g. listening to e-books and e-articles.

Do you need help? 

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