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Rehabilitation and Special Areas in Health Care: Resources on evidence-based practice

Evidence-based practice

​Evidence based practice uses the best available real-time information in the customer's/ patient's care and promotion of the health. The objective is to use and disseminate the best available evidence and support the implementation of the best available evidence. The strongest evidence is represented by the systematic reviews and recommendations which are based on reliable methods and care practices having effect.

You will find the important international Evidence-Based Practice Resources and databases on this page. Read more on the Nursing Research Foundation, NRF (Hoitotyön tutkimussäätiö in Finnish) web pages. 

Databases in evidence-based practice

About this guide

In this guide you will find information resources in rehabilitation and special areas in health care. Tips on information seeking are also provided. The guide is for students in Bioanalytics, Dental hygiene, Dental technology, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy and  Radiography.

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