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Health Care: Theses


Theses from universities of applied sciences

Theseus is a thesis repository providing you with online access to theses from the Finnish universities of applied sciences. Browse theses by university or by field of study, or use the search option.

Turku UAS theses published from 2008 on are available via Theseus. Printed Turku UAS theses are available for borrowing at campus libraries. All theses (both electronic and printed) completed at Turku UAS are found via Turku UAS Finna search service.

We are happy to help you locate Turku UAS theses.

Theses from universities

Theses from Finnish universities can be found from

  • university repositories. A selection of different thesis repositories are listed in Turku UAS Finna > Theses. Please use the university repositories e.g. if you wish to browse theses by faculty.
  • the national search service, please see below for more information. Use if you prefer to search theses from several Finnish universities at one go.

Find theses with national

The national search service contains material from Finnish university libraries, public libraries, museums and archives. Use to find theses from several universities in Finland.

Finnish university publication repositories in the field of health care

International publication repositories

Health Care subject guide


In this guide you will find information resources in health care, nursing, emergency care and midwifery.

Take a closer look at the relevant resources specific to your studies, but keep in mind that other subject guides might also prove to be useful. Tips on information seeking are also provided.


The theses and publications of the Universities of Applied Sciences on the Internet.


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