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Health Care: Resources on evidence-based practice

Evidence-based practice

Evidence-based practice is the integration of the best current information available in care and health promotion of customers or patients. The goal is to use methods and clinical practices that have been found effective. The strongest evidence lies in systematic reviews and recommendations based on reliable research evidence. Find more information on the national Current Care Guidelines, which are independent, evidence-based clinical practice guidelines that cover important issues related to Finnish healthcare. You can also read more on the evidence-based resources in JBI COnNECT Clinical Online Network of Evidence for Care and Therapeutics provided by the Joanna Briggs Institute from the Nursing Research Foundation website.

You'll find the most important databases and materials for evidence-based care, research, and practice on this page.

A collection of databases on evidence-based practice

Selected journals on evidence-based practice

Health Care subject guide


In this guide you will find information resources in health care, nursing, emergency care and midwifery.

Take a closer look at the relevant resources specific to your studies, but keep in mind that other subject guides might also prove to be useful. Tips on information seeking are also provided.

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