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Arts and Culture: Open access resources

Use open access online sources

There is a wide range of high-quality open access material available online that you can use in your studies. Web pages and portals maintained by authorities are good examples of reliable open access sources. In this page you can find links to open access materials in the field of health care.

Open access scholarly articles

You find a large variety of open access scholarly resources online besides e-resources acquired by Turku UAS and accessed with the Turku UAS user id and password. DOAJ (Directory of Open Access JournalsI is one of the oldest and largest collection of open access scholarly journals. When performing a search in Turku UAS Finna, you get DOAJ journals in your search results. features Finnish scholarly journals. 

Open access journals

      You can find the CC license in DOAJ after accessing the article or from the link About the Journal.

About this guide

In this guide you will find information resources in health care, nursing, emergency care and midwifery. Tips on information seeking are also provided.

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