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E-resources Help: Cinahl Complete (EBSCOhost)

Search help

How to perform a search

  • When opening the database via Turku UAS Finna, you will be redirected to the advanced search page.

  • Type your search term(s) in the search box or use several boxes.

  • You can use your own search terms or select the suggested terms.

  • Select a field e.g. Author, Title or Abstract from the drop-down menu (optional).

  • Use AND, OR and NOT operators to combine search terms.

  • Use OR operator to search synonyms: e.g. teamwork or co-operation or inter-disciplinary co-operation

  • Truncation is represented by an asterisk (*). Use truncation to find all forms (plural and inflected forms) of the word e.g. employee* AND health*.

Narrow your search result

  • Narrow your search result either before or after the search. You can narrow your search result e.g. by publishing year, age or subject: major heading or language. Click the Peer Reviewed button if you wish to view only peer reviewed journals.










Cinahl subject headings search

  • Subject headings are used to describe the content of an article or a work.
  • Open the tab Cinahl Subject Headings .
  • Type a search term (one at a time) and click Browse.
  • Select a subheading. Click linked term for tree view (superordinate ja subordinate concepts)
    • Explode expands the search (includes all subordinates)
    • Major Concept narrows down the search (word is a major concept)
  • Select a preferred view e.g. evaluation, standards (optional). All subheadings are included by default.
  • Click Search Database or browse additional search terms (bottom of the page).


View references or read full text articles

Click the name of the article. You can now view the following details :

  • Title and author(s)
  • Source = Name of the journal
  • Subjects = subject headings that you can use in the future
  • PDF / HTML Full Text
  • Go to Tools menu if you wish to print, save or send the reference/article to your email. You can also export the reference to your own reference management tool e.g. Mendeley or RefWorks.

Find similar articles

Use the Find Similar Results function to retrieve similar articles. This function can be found on the left side bar after opening an article.

More search tips

  • If you wish to select another database, click Choose Databases > Academic Search Elite. Cinahl Complete is using subject headings from the field of nursing while Academic Search Elite is using multidisciplinary subject headings.

  • Please remember that more databases can be found in Turku UAS Finna > Databases. Narrow down the search result to include only databases of your own field of study Narrow search > Category (only in Finnish).


Cinahl Complete

Accessibility of e-resources

The guide to accessibility of e-resources provides information on e-accessibility features, e.g. listening to e-books and e-articles.

Additional instructions

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