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Technology: Journals

Journals and e-journals in Finna

Turku UAS Library provides you with a wide selection of professional magazines, scholarly journals and newspapers. You can find both printed journals and e-journals via Turku UAS Finna. Search by title and, if necessary, narrow down your search result to include only journals. Or just  browse journals in Finna.

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Searching for articles

The easiest way to find articles is to use databases acquired for Turku UAS students and staff. There are also a wide range of open access articles available online.

Please read the Guide to Article Search on how to find articles and use all the articles aqcuired by Turku UAS Library.

User rights of e-resources

Turku UAS students and staff have the right to use electronic resources acquired by Turku UAS in studying, teaching and research. Students and staff have the responsibility to follow the user rights. User rights define the terms and conditions for printing, saving, presenting and distributing the e-resources. User rights for an individual resource can be found under the § button.

About this guide

In this guide you will find information resources of in the field of technology. Tips on information seeking are also provided.

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