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Reference Management: Zotero


  • Zotero is a free, open source reference management tool. It works on PC, Mac and Linux.
  • In addition to the desktop version, you can enable browser and mobile versions.
  • Zotero Connector is a browser extension allowing you to save content to Zotero from your web browser.
  • There is 300 MB of free space for attachment files, additional space is charged.
  • If you only use the Zotero desktop version on one machine, you do not need an account.
  • You need an account if you want to sync your library across devices and share your collections with others.
  • You can choose the source list style from over 10,000 ready-made CSL styles that you can browse in the Zotero Style Repository. You can also modify the styles for your own use. The language of some styles can be selected as Finnish when creating the reference list, which may make it easier to correct the final reference list.
  • Pdf files have their own reader and you can make annotations on them.


The most up-to-date information on the features of different programs and their versions can always be found on the website of the service provider.


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