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Reference Management: Mendeley


  • Mendeley is a free reference management tool.
  • The data of desktop, browser and mobile versions is synchronized to the cloud.
  • There is 2 GB of free space for attachment files, additional space is charged.
  • The user must create an account if they do not already have an account with Elsevier.
  • References can be shared with groups (Private Groups). With a free account, you can create five groups of a maximum of 25 members. There is no other upper limit for joining groups created by others. Attachments are counted in the group owner's storage space.
  • With a fee-based account, you get more storage space and groups.
  • You can choose the style of the source list from nearly 7,000 ready-made CSL styles, which you can browse through here. You can also modify the styles for your own use. The language of the styles can be selected when creating the reference list, which may make it easier to correct the final reference list.
  • Pdf files have their own reader and you can make annotations on them. Entries can be collected on Mendeley Notebook pages.


The most up-to-date information on the features of different programs and their versions can always be found on the website of the service provider.

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