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Social Services: Databases

Databases and Finna

All databases and other e-resources acquired for Turku UAS students and staff are available via Turku UAS Finna. Search databases by title or browse e-resources. The most essential databases in social services are listed also in this guide.

A collection of social services databases

Thesauri in health care databases

Thesauri and subject terms are great search tools. The essential databases in health care use MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) or CINAHL Subject Headings for describing their publications. Using subject terms in searches often help give more relevant results.

Thesauri and subject terms in general.

Search with both subject terms and your own search terms for best results.

Medical Subject Headings or MeSH are used in the following databases:

PubMed  > MeSH, Medical Subject Headings 

MEDLINE (Ovid) > you can find terms two ways:

  • choose Advanced Search and select Map Term to Subject Heading
  • scroll subject terms by selecting Search Tools > Map Term

Cochrane Library > You can find the thesaurus by selecting Advanced Search from the upper right corner >  Medical terms (MeSH)

JBI COnNECT Clinical Online Network of Evidence for Care and Therapeutics (Ovid)  > You can find subject terms by selecting Search Tools > Tree

  • not all references have subject terms

CINAHL Complete database uses its own thesaurus > choose CINAHL Headings at the top of the page.

SFS Online

User rights of e-resources

Turku UAS students and staff have a right to use electronic resources acquired by Turku UAS in studying, teaching, and research. Students and staff have a responsibility to follow the user rights. User rights define the terms and conditions for printing, saving, presenting, and distributing e-resources. User rights for an individual resource can be found under the § button.

Social Services subject guide


In this guide you will find information resources relating to social services. 

Take a closer look at the relevant resources specific to your studies, but keep in mind that other subject guides might also be useful. Tips on information seeking are also provided. 

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