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Responsible use of electronic resources

Library provides you a diverse collection of databases, e-books, e-journals and other e-resources. All materials are available via TUAS Finna either by using the search function or browsing the databases. Before using the e-resources please get to know the user rights that define

  • who can use e-resources
  • in which purposes you are allowed to use the e-resources
  • if copying, printing or saving parts of the material is allowed.

In this page you can find common user rights that apply to most of the electronic resources. However, the user rights of the individual e-resources may vary. Please check the user rights of individual e-resource by clicking the blue icon    attached to the the  material descriptions.

Who can use electronic resources?

TUAS e-resources can be used for studying, teaching and research purposes 

  • TUAS students and staff inside TUAS network and off campus with TUAS user ID 
  • other library patrons have access to e-resources from work stations in each campus library. Part of the resources are available only for TUAS students and staff. 

Common user rights for electronic resources

What is usually allowed 

  • to browse the material and search for information 
  • to copy, print or save the search results or individual articles for personal use in reasonable portions 
  • to give an individual copy of an article or other part of the material to the personal use of another person 
  • to incorporate links to e-resources in course materials used in teaching at TUAS (non-commercial use).

What is usually not allowed 

  • to exploit the resources or parts of them for commercial purposes 
  • to print or copy entire works (for example e-books) 
  • to copy articles or other materials e.g. to Optima 
  • to use software that systematically searches or scrapes data from e-resources
  • to distribute, sell, publish or modify materials.

NB The user rights vary depending on the e-resource. Please check the user rights of individual e-resource by clicking the blue icon    attached to the material descriptions

Be aware!

You have a responsibility to use electronic resources according to the user rights. When using e-resources you accept the terms and conditions.


In this guide you find information about user rights and responsible use of electronic resources provided by TUAS library.

User rights of individual e-resources

Check the user rights of individual e-resource by clicking the blue icon   

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