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Guide to RefWorks (New): Organizing references

Editing and filing references

You can edit imported references in RefWorks. The last imported references are in the Last Imported file until you import new references. To edit reference details open the reference and click the pencil symbol on the top right (Edit the selected document).

Check that the type is correct and change it from the droplist menu if necessary.

If you have electronic references, click Is Electronic. You can also correct the missing Scandinavian letters and create tags.

To save the changes, click Save.

Select Normal View, Full View or Citation View (bottom of the page) to view the references.

You see the references in output style (for example Harvard style) with Citation View.

When information is missing  (e.g. Publisher, Place of Publication, Issue) according to the output style you have chosen, the field in question is highlighted. To edit a field, click the name of the field.

If you wish to add an article from an edited book to RefWorks, select Book Section or Book, Edited Collection as reference type.

Organize your references into folders and subfolders. The same reference can be organized in several folders. If you edit a reference, the changes will be updated in every folder.

You can move references into folders from different views (e.g. All Documents or Last Imported) or folders.

There are two ways to file: 

  • drag and drop the reference into a folder, or
  • click the folder symbol from the top menu and select the folder you wish to file your reference.

1. Select the reference you wish to remove and click the trash can icon from the top menu.

2. Click Remove from folder. The reference moves to Not in Folder folder that includes all the loose references that have not yet been organized.

You can delete references in RefWorks by choosing the references and clicking the trash can icon from the top menu bar. Click the Delete command in the opening menu. An other option is to drag and drop the reference to the trash can in the left side bar.

References stay in the Deleted folder for 30 days from the day of deletion, during which time you can restore the references. The references will be restored to their original folders with all the information and attachments included.

Restoring deleted references

  1. Select the reference you wish to restore from the Deleted folder.
  2. Drag and drop the reference to the preferred folder.

To search your library for duplicate documents, click More icon at the top menu bar and select Find duplicates.

Managing folders

How to create a folder:

  1. Click Add a folder under My Folders.
  2. Name the folder.
  3. Click Save.

How to rename a folder:

  1. Go to the folder menu and select Rename.
  2. Rename the folder and click Save.

How to delete a folder:

  1. Go to folder menu and select Delete folder.
  2. Click Yes to confirm the deleting.

How to create a subfolder:

  1. Go to folder menu and select Add subfolder...
  2. Name the subfolder and click save.

All new references imported to RefWorks are automatically saved to the Last Imported folder. References will stay there until new references are imported. It is advisable to move references from the Last Imported folder to other folders straight away, so it is easier to find them later on.

If you do not move the references in the Last Imported folder to other folders, they will move automatically to Not in Folder folder, when new references are imported to RefWorks.

About this guide

This guide by Turku University of Applied Sciences assists you in using The New RefWorks. If you are using the old version of RefWorks, please have a look at the guide.

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