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Guide to Mendeley: Importing references from databases and Finna to Mendeley

Importing references from databases and Finna to Mendeley

Turku UAS Finna search service provides you access to all printed and electronic resources acquired by Turku UAS Library. 

Import Finna references into Mendeley by using the Web Importer browser extension which you can download, see right-hand side box.

Use Web Importer to import references from databases into Mendeley. In some databases it is possible to import multiple references at the same time on the search results screen (e.g. Elsevier Science Direct, EBSCOhost Academic Search Elite and Cinahl Complete). In some databases (e.g. Eric) or search service (Google Scholar) you must import the references one by one after having clicked open the record. See instructions on how to import a bulk of references as a RIS file. 

1. Search Turku UAS Finna. When in search results page click the Web Importer icon in browser right hand corner. 

2. A Mendeley pop-up window opens with references from the particular web page.



3. Select references you wish to import by choosing Select all or reference by reference. When the cursor is on the reference you see an edit icon (a pen) which allows you to edit the reference information, for example the reference type. 

4. Choose +Add to Mendeley to import selected references into the Mendeley Library.

You can import references from databases into Mendeley as RIS files. For example, in Eric database you can import multiple references a the same time as a RIS file by exporting them first into a folder and creating a RIS file out of them:

1. Perform a search in the database. Click the folder icon on the right hand side of the reference to move it into the folder. Note that the icon turns yellow from blue as the reference is in it.


2. A column Folder has items appears on the right hand side. After you have finished moving the references into the folder, choose the option Folder view, and you see the contents of the folder with Export button on the right hand colum. Click the button.


3. Choose the top option Direct Export in RIS Format and click Save. The RIS file is downloaded into your computer.

4. Go to Mendeley and sign in to your account.

5. Click +Add New on the upper left hand side in the Library screen. Choose File(s) from Computer and look up the .ris file in your computer

6. The references are imported into your Mendeley Library. You find them in All references option as well as by choosing Recently Added from the menu on the left hand side.

Mendeley add-in and browser extension

Mendeley Cite - an add in for inserting references from Mendeley into Word documents and generating a bibliography

  • centrally maintained for Turku UAS laptops for staff and in O365 MS Word as an icon Mendeley Cite when you click References
  • find it in Word: Insert > Add-ins Admin managed

Mendeley Web Importer - an extension for a browser to help you with importing references and pdfs from web pages and databases


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