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Guide to Mendeley: Creating an account and signing in

Creating an account and signing in

1. Go to and choose Create account or Create a free account (using Mendeley is free and these mean the same thing).

NB: If you already have an Elsevier account you can start by signing in. 


2. Enter your email address and press Continue.

3. Next fill in your name, create a password and choose Register

4. After creating an account choose Continue to Mendeley.

5. In Mendeley choose Library to enter your Mendeley library (Mendeley Web) where you can manage your references.


Mendeley Desktop version

You can also download Mendeley Reference Manager for Desktop for your computer (Windows, MacOS or Linux).

The older desktop version Mendeley Desktop is also available.

Mendeley add-in and browser extension

Mendeley Cite - an add in for inserting references from Mendeley into Word documents and generating a bibliography

  • centrally maintained for Turku UAS laptops for staff and in O365 MS Word as an icon Mendeley Cite when you click References
  • find it in Word: Insert > Add-ins Admin managed

Mendeley Web Importer - an extension for a browser to help you with importing references and pdfs from web pages and databases


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