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E-resources Help: MOT Online

How to use MOT Online

MOT Online

Multiple dictionary selection
You can use several dictionaries in a search e.g. MOT Pro Finnish-English and MOT Finnish-English Technology and Commerce. Click the + icon next to the Select dictionary drop-down menu and select the dictionaries that suit you the best.


Extended search
Use extended search to search all content in the dictionary. All content includes examples and phrases. Go to Select search mode and select Extended search from the drop-down menu.


Near matches
Use near matches search if you are not sure about the correct spelling. Near matches finds words whose pronounciation approxiamtely matches your search word. This works best for English and Finnish words. For example, if you tye consious MOT will display the correct word conscious. Go to Select search mode and select Near matches from the drop-down menu.

Mobile use

MOT Mobile Online is the mobile version of MOT Online. Create your own MOT user account by clicking MOT User Account. Use your TUAS email address when creating MOT User Account. Once you have created your user account, you can use MOT dictionaries with your mobile device at

MOT Online

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